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Doctors Discover Man Living With Half Brain

A Russian man has been discovered to have lived his entire life with only half a brain, doctors claim.
Medics in Moscow made the shock discovery while running a CT scan when the 60-year-old man was admitted to hospital after a ‘mini stroke’.

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The 60-year-old father-of-two had no idea that there was a ‘black hole’ inside his skull where the left hemisphere of his brain should be.

The retired engineer has served in the Red Army, holds a university degree, and has raised a family without any health issues.

It is believed the defect is likely to have developed when the man was only an embryo, and if technology had been able to detect it during pregnancy in the 1950s, it’s likely his mother would have been told to terminate.

Neurologist Dr Marina Anikina, who has investigated the case, said the man was admitted to a district clinic in the south of Moscow region due to an ischemic attack.

“It is a blood circulation failure in the brain and it is different from a stroke when part of the brain is irreversibly damaged.

“Radiologists performed a computer tomography of his head and were puzzled for some time – the part of the brain of the retired man where the ischemia attack was supposed to have happened was not there at all.

“Instead of the left side of the brain there was a black “hole” in computer images.”

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Specialists concluded that all his life the remaining right hemisphere of the brain had performed all the brain functions.

The right side coordinates the left of the body, and is responsible for creative tasks.

And normally, the brain’s left side controls the right side of the body, and performs tasks relating to logic, for example, science and mathematics.

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