Expert Says Having Sex During Menstruation Does Not Relieve Cramps

    Taiwo Ayenuro, Executive Director, Young Mothers Empowerment Network, has said that having sex during menstrual period does not relieve cramps. The expert said this during a programme held in Lagos over the weekend. Ayenuro, who spoke on sexuality education, said teenagers should be empowered with the right information and not myths. “If we don’t talk about sex and sexuality, young people have their way of getting information from friends and the Internet. Rather than deform the child, sex education empowers and enables him or her to make healthy choices. For example, there us the myth that having sex relieves menstrual cramp and back ache. But there are painkillers and you simply need to stop taking sugar,” she said. Ayenuro added that training young people in religious centres enhance a better understanding of sex education. “Most of the schools that we visit are government-owned because there is also bureaucracy in private schools. So, the logical thing is to come to a place where young people and their parents go,” she said.    

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