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Five Easy Ways To Boost Your Career, Earning Potential

All over the world, the dream of every graduate is to be very successful in their career and earn a bountiful remuneration in order to take care of his or her needs. Putting to good use the skills and knowledge acquired in school, for most graduates, is the ultimate reward for all the years of hard work while in school.

The pressure of being engaged in a respectable job which guarantees ample pay in Nigeria is escalating by the day as a result of the country’s economic situation. With a large population of people in the country’s labour force either unemployed coupled with a number of persons who are discontented either with the overall progress of their career or their present salary, career progression and survival seems to be the words on the lips of every Nigeria hustling hard to meet their daily needs.

Your ability to turn your labour into a pay-check is your “human capital.” This combination of knowledge, experience, talents, work habits and social skills is perhaps your most important income-producing asset.

However, earning a higher pay-check these days is never easy. Boosting your career is all about taking action. It takes deliberate planning and extra work to achieve such in Nigeria presently. Whether you are gunning for a promotion or a raise, or you are in the midst of a job search, taking a few simple steps can help you become a happier and more valuable worker.

Below are five steps you should take to boost your career and earning potentials

1. Invest in yourself

There is nothing as important as personal development in today’s world. We can increase our human capital by getting more education degrees and professional certifications which will ultimately, enhance our résumé. Just because you have a job doesn’t mean you should hold yourself back or let your skills stagnate. The match between your education and what’s normally required for your job usually affects your pay. Acquiring a post-graduate degree or a professional certification typically has a positive influence on your pay.

Also, by learning a new language in this present global business world can increase your earning power. Learning a language improves decision making skills, and increases earnings potential by around 2 per cent on an average, according to documented research.

2. Ensure your performance at tasks is top notch

Since most employers base their pay decisions majorly on individual performance, this is an important point issue that everyone most focus on in order to ensure a vast progression in their careers and also ensure their pay is enhanced. Don’t just turn up for work daily without being productive or take your work for granted. Be dutiful and ensure that the tasks given to you are completed within the stipulated time frame. Performance has a significant impact on career progression and pay, especially incentive pay.

3. Take on additional responsibilities

If your boss asks that you volunteer for an impending task which is outside of your purview, don’t be afraid take on the challenge. It could be a huge opportunity. Not only does it give you a chance to grow your knowledge base and skill set, it also allows you to display in full glare to your boss just what you are capable of. You become a more valuable employee and give yourself a chance to branch out and take on new responsibilities. This may lead directly to a promotion which means increased remuneration. Taking up the challenge means you could even surprise yourself and find something you love even more than you what are currently doing.

4. Join professional organisations and build a strong network of contacts

Memberships in professional organizations can have a positive effect on a person’s career. The key to networking and building business relationships in any industry is simply making yourself available to network with people. This can be done by maintaining a professional relationship with persons in your industry, participating in industry forums, attending networking events, and even having a solid relationship with those outside your career purview, especially with personal friends. By doing this, you increase your chances of forging solid connections that can boost your career.

5. Keep up to date with trends in your profession and industry

Whether you are an employee, a job seeker, or an entrepreneur, it is very important to stay updated with developments and happenings going on in your industry. Newspapers, industry publications, news sites, TV magazine shows, and blogs can all help you become more acquainted with your industry and make you more knowledgeable of the activities of your preferred vocation. Doing this ensures that you are not only knowledgeable about the industry happenings, but by building opinions of industry leaders, you also become an authority on industry matters.

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