Help! I Love Having Sex With Other Ladies’ Men



Hello Love and Life,

My name is Ella and I love to sleep with other ladies’ men, not because I am cheap or a slut but I just love to do it.

I have a well-paid job and I don’t even collect money from these men after sex, I just enjoy it; not that I like sex, but

I want to have it with any man I feel has a serious relationship, especially the ones who brag about it.

I have done this for five years now and I want to stop it. I have a relationship too but nothing too serious.

Now I think I am possessed because each time my mum tells me about how she has been with my dad for years, all

I will just feel that she is bragging and that thing just come inside me to sleep with my dad to shut my mum up.

I have gone to churches to tell them but they just keep asking me to pray or bring money for project and all .

I am gradually becoming a slut and I hate myself. How do I stop this habit?

I am so lucky as I have not contacted HIV because I do without protection but I have been aborting for different unknown men.

Please, help me.


Hello Ella,

I do not know you personally but I were your friend, I would have chastised you long ago because your life trajectory is dangerously heading towards the negative, never-to-return back part.

It’s disgusting, to say the least, that you are solely delighted in pursuing married men just to satisfy your own selfish interest. Why do you have to put yourself through such dangers of possible lynching and probable contraction of sexual diseases and possible death from the abortions when you can have your own man and your own child? I am sure you would be distressed should you get married and learn that your husband is playing steady “away games”.

In as much as you need urgent prayers, this is not a matter that will be solely resolved by going to church. You can turn the tide of bad things away once you structure your mind to do so. You have to mentally prepare yourself and have the will to stop tempting other women’s’ husband to bed once and for all.

It is not easy but once you set your heart to achieve objectives, you would do so. After all, you had plans to lure married men to bed and you were successful. Now, use the same intensity you misused in a good way now by staying in your own way and not following everything in zippers.

Also, being serious with your relationship will help you in a long way to deflect attention from your previous prey. Focus on being faithful and loyal to your boyfriend and see how possible it is for you both to get married and begin your own family.

As the population saying goes: it is better late than sorry. Turn your ways now and prevent unforeseen damages than looking for an unreachable solution to a potential crisis.

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