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Help! My Boyfriend Bites My Nipples Like ‘Ponmo’

Love and life: sex, relationships and real life issuesHello Love & Life,
My name is Jennifer, a 400 level student, I have a big problem that has been affecting my self-esteem. The rate at which my boyfriend chews my nipples like Ponmo is scaring me. The way also presses my breast is scary.
We have dated for four years now and still nothing to show for it, my boobs is gradually dropping and falling with stretch marks all over. He presses it with so much force and chews my nipple like Ponmo.

Please Love & Life, what if he does not marry? What will be my fate? Should I just call it off? He does not press my breast with respect.



Hello Jennifer,

I could not do anything but just stare at this message when I received it. I was stunned when I read the contents because just as part of it is hilarious, another part raises a serious health and, as you said yourself, self-esteem concern.
First of all, it’s astonishing that you, an undergraduate, is actively involved in pre-marital sex rather than concentrating on your studies. Now, as much as your boyfriend would like to fondle with your breasts, it’s actually meant for your future child/children and not for your boyfriend to suck all the nutrients out of it. But more importantly, you also have to be concerned about the state of your breast. Although it does not prompt severe diseases such as breast cancer, constant pressing and squeezing of the breast may cause bruising and swelling to the breast. Sometimes an injury can lead to a benign (not cancer) lump.
And let’s about dignity. For a person who is not your husband or has not even committed to marry you and yet he has easy access to your body, it portends that you can have sex with any man that you date. I am definitely sure that your confidence level will depreciate once your boyfriend states he’s done with the relationship. And if, as you say, that your breasts are already falling, then it can discourage some guys from approaching you as they perceive you as “used old cargo”. How will such vilification make you feel, Jennifer? Would you feel valued or used?
My advice is that you, therefore, reduce your boyfriend’s access to your breast. In fact, limit or completely halt your sexual escapades with him. Yes, he may leave you because you refuse to give him “ponmo” to suck, but you will definitely get a man who will value you for more than just sex.


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