My Husband Fights Me Because I Don’t Suck His Penis – Wife

  Feet in bed SQ-845x1000Hello Love Master, My name is Anne. I will stay with the name to avoid a backlash from my family, my husband’s and anyone who may know me. I have been married to my husband for two years; the first year was fun for both of us. But, the present year has seen our bedroom, formerly a love nest, turned into a theatre of endless arguments. The issue is sex and nothing more. My husband met me a virgin and we didn’t have sex until the night of our wedding. It was my idea, and he consented to it. Since we became couple, my husband has shown great understanding and carefully handled my transition from an emotionally frigid person to sex-loving wife. I have been worried lately over my husband’s persistent, but strange demand to have me suck his penis. I don’t like it, but he continues to quarrel with me over it. Love Master Hi Anne, Your letter was well received. I must quickly say that it is good for married couples to enjoy and manage a healthy sex lives. Your husband’s demand is not outrageous in anyway, neither is your refusal a reason to create hostility in your bedroom. However, I suggest that both of you find a balance by sitting down to talk about it.

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