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‘I Built My World Around Him But He Abandoned Me For Another’

Hello Love and Life

My name is Tosin, a decision I made 4years ago is ruining my life. My boyfriend of three years left me a year ago and I’ve not stopped loving him.

Four years ago when I fell in love with Kay, I built my world around him, there’s nothing I did without him in the picture and he left me without a blink.

He has been living his best life after he left me, moved on with another girl, got a good job, traveling around the world with this new girl.

He left me after being with him all this years, I don’t have a job, no money, not even looking good for anyone to see me not to talk of asking me out. He did me wrong yet he’s the one having a good life.

What do I do? Where do I go? I wasted four years of my life with Kay, invested money, resources and energy. He had nothing when I met him.

My life is shattered, i don’t know what to do, I’m afraid I’m going into depression. And I’m still in love with him after all he has done.

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Hello Tosin,

Unfortunately, disappointments and betrayal are part of the setbacks which characterises this phenomenon called life.

I sympathise with you over the sudden abandonment by your former boyfriend. It is even more painful to see that the person you invested in financially and emotionally is now enjoying the spotlight with another person, who does not understand the sacrifices made for the growing glory currently enjoyed.

However, you must forget the past and move on NOW! As painful as it is, that is the most realistic option now. You cannot simply waste the useful years of life just because of the actions of an ungrateful individual. You have the potential to be whom you want to be in this life, you should, therefore, direct your efforts towards being a better person.

And who says it’s only one guy that can make you happy in this world? There are many fishes in the ocean. You will surely get a guy deserving of you.

So, do not sit down there and sulk. Move on with your life, continue to aim towards your aspirations and mingle more to get the man of your dreams. Let Kay remains what he is: the past tense!



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