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‘I Can’t Stand Seeing My Ex-boyfriend With His New Lover’

Hi Love and Life, I was in a relationship with this guy for six years and it was fun. I loved him with all my heart and was already looking into the future with him.

But things took a new turn when I started seeing another guy which affected our relationship and my eventually dumping him.

He moved on and got into another relationship, but the problem now is that any time I see him with his new girlfriend I am always uneasy. Please am I still in love with him?

Hello Anonymous Writer,

Well, from the narration of your story, it seems you were the one who removed your safety belt and jumped into the burning furnace.

You seemed to be enjoying your relationship with your ex-boyfriend. Why then did you dump him? And why the sudden attention by you on your ex’s love life. Your case, to me, is more of envy and regret than infatuation.

I will advise that you forge ahead with life by putting your past behind you. Your ex-boyfriend has moved on, and so should you. It will be very beneficial for you if you get to enjoy life with anew partner rather than dwell on the past one, whom you pushed aside. Your experience should, therefore, be an eye opener for you. By opening a fresh page relationship-wise, you are giving yourself a new lease of life. You would be able to get on with another guy, be patient in the relationship by learning one or two things and ensuring that you do not allow lightening to strike twice.





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