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‘I Caught My Mother Stroking My Penis While I Was Asleep’ 

Hello love and life.

I’m an ardent reader of your column on weekends. I never knew I’d have to share my own story soon.

My mother and I live alone in Port Harcourt since my dad divorced her when I was small. I have a younger sister, who is serving in Kano State. She chose not to come home because she complains of being bored and she kind of doesn’t get along with my mum.

Something happened last weekend and I’ve been really thinking. I woke up to see my mum stroking my penis. I was so shocked I couldn’t say a word. She just knelt there with my penis in her hands, stroking and staring at it.

Later in the day, I summoned enough guts to talk to her about it and she told me she wanted to make sure her son is a real man. I was angry but I tried not to let it show.

I think I’m beginning to see why my girlfriend doesn’t feel comfortable with her. She once alleged that my mother caressed her breasts and said she wanted to know what her son is enjoying.

Please, this is really embarrassing. Please what can I do?

Hello anonymous writer, 

Let me, first of all, empathise with you over your experience. What occurred was distasteful and should not have been done by someone close to you, particularly your mother.

It was also great to learn that you did not express your anger towards your mum over the unfortunate incident. The ability to keep your composure was top-notch and should be adopted by all men, no matter the circumstance.

Having said that, it is very evident that your mum has missed that emotional and titillating warmth that she would expect from her divorced husband or any man. She is obviously lonely and starved of sex, which is why she has carried act such salacious acts on you and your girlfriend.

I will suggest that you should not push her aside, as it would lead to more emotional and psychological trauma for her. My advice to you is that you should have another conversation with her, a deep-rooted one this time around, and let her know that it is not bad for her to express her true feelings. However, tell her that she should express it in a proper way and not by committing incest with her children or potential daughter-in-law.

Advice her to register on dating sites to look for potential male partners. Although it can be hard to really determine the intention of the heart of human beings online, let her give it a shot by listing her criteria for the kind of man she wants. However, you and your other siblings must help your mum conduct a background check on her selected choice in order to avoid stories that touch.

Your mum’s mind and yours will only be settled when she finds love. Do not deny her this opportunity.



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