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‘I Don’t Know How To Tell My Husband That His Penis Is Too Big’

My husband’s penis is too big. I’ve been happily married for 3 years to him now and we have a beautiful baby girl together. I know you’re thinking didn’t you see how big it was before you got married or why ask for help now. As surprising as it is to say, it wasn’t as big as it is now.

I noticed it after we started having sex again after delivery, at first it was like wow! That’s big and it was nice until it got bigger and it became painful to put in.

I’ve been avoiding him because am scared to have sex, i don’t want to rupture my vagina. And am afraid to ask him or tell him because I don’t want to cause any problem in my marriage. Please help me what should I do.


Hello Anonymous Writer,
I’m sure it would not be out of place for me to say that it would have been absolutely fine if you did not see the size of your husband’s penis, especially when abstinence before marriage is being vociferously propagated in this sex-carefree era.
Back to the matter I do not think that the size of your husband’s genitals should be much of a trouble for you during sex. Although you might experience some pains due to his forceful penetration, but I think once motion is in set, all fears and hallucinations should naturally set aside, especially when such action is consensual.
But if you are afraid of what the size of your husband’s penis might do to your vital organs, I guess you then have to approach him openly and inform him of your worries in a mild way. Then suggest that you both seek medical advice from a doctor or better still, a sex therapist on what could be done. My recommendation, which should be similar with that of the experts, is that you both get a sex lotion which you should both apply before getting on action in bed. That would help reduce the pains and enhance the pleasure you both desire.
But like I said, you have to be truthful with your husband and tell him your fears so that it does not look as if you are avoiding him. Also visit the medical experts for additional advise aside the one I recommended. By doing this, you are not only improving your sex life but also increasing the span of your young marriage.



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