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‘I Love My Boyfriend But He’s Not Rich’

Hello love and life,

I have dated my boyfriend for almost two years now. Although I love him deeply, he doesn’t have money. He never provides anything I ask of him.

He couldn’t even buy me anything on my birthday last month. All he complains about is he’s broke. I’ve tried to stay with him through this difficult period but it’s not easy, I must admit.

To worsen the situation, I recently met a guy, he works in a bank in Lagos. He has been sending me money weekly. He says he wants to marry me.

I love my boyfriend but I have to say that this is tempting.

Hello Anonymous Writer,

Well, what a situation! I can understand that apart from all the care and affection, you want a guy who can take care of your needs, and your reason his valid. However, hou must ask yourself a valid question: are you in a relationship with your boyfriend just to secure your financial standing and satisfy your needs or get someone who will love you for eternity?

Also, I will like to ask if you have supported your boyfriend in alleviating his rocky financial situation or you have just been the demanding lady not considerate of your man’s needs. And how sure are you that the new “prince charming” really desires you to be his long-term partner or is just lurking around for the short-term benefits.

One more thing, assess the potential and actual work ability situation of your current boyfriend before making any decision. If you feel he has the ability to work hard and get something our of life, then I advice that you stick with him. If not, then you can decide to leave him. But also assess the new guy lurking around totally (EMPHASIS; TOTALLY) before you begin to narrate stories that touch the heart.

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