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‘I Wish To Marry My Mother-in-law….But’

Hello Love & Life

I’m becoming emotionally attached to my mother-in-law, I lost my wife three years ago and things were a bit tough for me.

I have started moving on gradually through prayers and her moms support, I have started developing emotional and sexual feelings for her. No one knows this yet.

I get strong erection whenever I’m around her, we slept in a room sometimes ago, I slept on the floor but the urge to join her in bed was so strong I had to masturbate to calm the pressure.

I know society will frown at the relationship between I and my late wife’s mother but I think my wife won’t mind as my kids love their grandmother so much.

I already see us as one happy family, but skeptical about what people will say about us. I’m sure she loves me as much as I love her.

Is it wrong to marry my late wife’s mother? She’s also a widow.

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Hello Anonymous Writer,

This is quite a tricky situation and as you have rightly pointed out, it’s one that has a strong reaction from the society.

While it’s good that your mother-in-law has been a huge source of comfort for you during your grieving period, I do not advise that you hang out or date her.

It’s best you honour your late wife’s memory by leaving her mum alone. Yep, she (mom-in-law) might be a widow like you but she is far older than you. Therefore, age discrepancy would play a visible role in the impending relationship. And sometimes, it’s always negative.

And supposedly your wife was alive and supposedly gave you the opportunity to hang out with another lady for just one day, she obviously would not expect you to hook up with her mum. That will certainly have brought up a question of conflict as to you wanting to have both daughter and mother simultaneously in bed.

Again, I do not know if you have thought about how your kids would have to readjust from calling their grand mum to “step mom.” It does not really sound nor looks right at all!

And then, even though I personally advise people to live their own lives and not to allow their choices to be dictated by society, the reality is that perception is a still a big issue that cannot be waved aside and might be either a blessing or curse to you living in our current social environment.

So, even though you may feel that you can be bold enough to walk with her in public, such action may draw more negative vibe to yourself and her, and also indirectly to your kids. Knowing our societal structure, foul/undesired comments might get to your kids, which may psychologically harm them.

So, you have to think carefully before making such a decision. And I will advise that you do not go ahead with such plan.



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