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‘I’m 25, Beautiful But Only Attracted To Girls’

Hello Love and Life

I think I need help, I’m 25 and only attracted to girls ever since I was a child. I find myself being clingy to girls that have attractive features which I didn’t see as a big deal.

One of the girls once told me that they thought I’ll be a snob because I’m beautiful.

I have been into few relationships, had sex which I enjoy but never cum. I only cum when I masturbate with porn, not a regular porn, lesbian porn with big boobs and big ass.

I didn’t see it as an issue until recently when I went to the pool, this lady with massive boobs and ass was changing into a bikini and I was stunned.

She is very beautiful, I felt like grabbing her so bad, with her boobs in my mouth and eating her up.

I snapped out it because the lady noticed and I was embarrassed, I quickly ran into the bathroom and started praying.

Please love and life, am I a lesbian? How to I get this crazy feeling and desire for girls off my mind?

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Hello Anonymous,
First of all, you would have to stop watching pornographic content, especially lesbianism acts. The more you get more emotionally attached to it, the more you fantasise about being groped only by females. So, that has to give way.
You would also have to work on your thoughts of loving only ladies. You are still quite young and I’m sure, very beautiful. Why then waste your youthful girls dreaming of or even engaging in acts that will hamper your chances of getting your dream man?
You, therefore, need to change your network of friends, who might also be an influence on you. In most cases, most people who find them as being attached either to gays or lesbians have such people as their close friends. So, you have to push out majority of them, if not all of them out and get a fresh air by getting a good mix of male and female friends.
Also, try and hangout around more guys, who I am sure will be ready to be friends with you. I am not asking you to be wayward, but just interact and communicate with more guys. You would see that your overview towards sexuality would gradually change.
In the same vein, also watch the kind of books and online content that you read. Make it a point of duty not to read pornographic content. Force yourself to resist such activity, knowing that if you fall to such temptation, you are likely to commit the act.
And need I remind you that if you are found to be engaged in such activity, you would be tagged a law breaker and you will go to jail for 14 years. 14 YEARS! Think of that and the years that may be wasted if you are behind bars for such number of years.


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