Instant Noodles Dangerous To Women, Cause Heart Disease


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Instant noodles may provide instant relief from hunger, given how short a time the preparation takes, but the could also be a source of danger to the heart. The most vulnerable category to the danger posed by instant noodles are women. Nigerian women, who are more into noodles consumption than men, face greater risk.

The menace of instant noodles is contained in the report of  study published by the US Journal of Nutrition. The study examined the reported diets of 10,711 adults, using data from a two-year survey of South Koreans, who are known to be the world's biggest consumers of instant noodles. The study identified two diet tracks: a “traditional diet,” which was full of rice, grains, fish, and produce, and a so-called “meat-and-fast-food pattern,” which replaced some of those staples with meat, soda, fast food, and instant noodles.

Neither of those diets on the whole were linked with a little rise in carrdio-metabolic syndrome—a collection of risk factors for heart disease, type-2 diabetes and stroke including high blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. But the instant noodles were.  Consuming instant noodles at least twice weekly was associated with 68% more cardio-metabolic syndrome for women, regardless of what else their diet was made up of.

This effect was only seen in women. Author of the study, Dr. Hyun Joon Shin, a clinical cardiology fellow at Baylor University Medical Center and a nutrition epidemiology doctoral student at Harvard School of Public Health, said one likely reason is that women have different sex hormones and metabolism than men. Other culprits could include instant noodle packaging, which is often lined with the endocrine disruptor BPA and can mess with estrogen signaling, which may, in turn, lead to some of the risk factors for cardio-metabolic syndrome.

Highly processed instant noodles differ from regular noodles because they’re often prepared in palm oil for fast cooking and loaded with salt, artificial flavors, and preservatives. “The noodle is very artificially made to make it more delicious, and it can be cooked very easily, within five minutes,” Shin was quoted by TIME as saying. But cooking “slow” noodles—you know, the kind you dump in boiling water for just a few minutes longer than the instant ones—is well worth the wait for your heart


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