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It’s Stupid To Wear $50,000 Jewelry While Africans Lack Electricity, Water – Akon

Singer, Aliaune Damala Bouga, known as Akon, has revealed why he stopped wearing jewelry.
The Senegalese, who is now a philanthropist, said he stopped wearing expensive jewelry, which he now considered extravagant because Africans lack basic infrastructure, such as electricity and potable water.
“I invested $1 billion in China to provide electricity to Africa. Africa lacks electricity, running water, basic infrastructure, there is a lot of progress to be made,” he told Zambian radio station, Qfm.
“When you travel and see misery, you just want to help. Showing off is no longer my delirium, I don’t wear jewelry anymore. I’ve seen so many people in need, until I feel guilty visiting the villages.
“Showing up with $ 50,000 earrings is useless. It’s just tape to the eye that only serves to look good in front of others. That’s why I decided to use my money to help others.”
Akon recently finalised agreement to build his own city, known as ‘Akon City’ in Senegal.

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