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Linking Prosperity to Tithe An Abuse of God’s Mercy – Pastor

Oladimeji Animasahun, Founder of Latter House of Glory, has said God’s mercy and not tithing should be attributed to the blessings Christians receive.

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He urged pastors and churchgoers to stop attributing tithing to God’s mercy saying it is the height of ignorance and arrogance.

Animasahun said this in a message posted on his Facebook page on Sunday.

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“Every child of God should learn to appropriate the mercy of God and have the understanding that it is mercy that has brought them to the position they are. There are many people who don’t pay tithe and offering and yet have material blessings. It is the prerogative of God to bless people.

There are people who are hard workers and who also give and yet are not as rich as some people who don’t give. If God has blessed us materially, it is for a purpose and it is the mercy of God that brought about the blessing not that we did anything special to earn it,” he said.

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The pastor said Christians must begin to give to God with a heart of humility, saying it is a privilege to be able to give in the first place.

““What God wants is a heart of generosity. God is looking at your heart not your hand. When the heart is free and right there is no limit to what we can give. It is a lie to say if you don’t tithe things will be tight for you. God loves a cheerful giver not a grumbling disgruntled giver,” he added.

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Animasahun also said giving is not necessarily related to income and its amount does not determine its acceptability before God.

“The people of Macedonia according to Paul gave out of their poverty. They gave out of a heart of generosity. That is the kind of heart that God wants from us. The widow gave a mite and Jesus said she gave more than the rich people in the temple. You can’t bribe God with tithe and offering. Don’t let people cajole you to give. God does not love a cajoled giver,” he concluded.


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