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Look Stylish In Your Pant Trousers With These 5 Tips

The trends for trousers are steering towards wider legs, but that doesn’t mean ladies have to ditch their beloved skinny jeans, straight-legged pants, and leggings. It just means you have more choices.

Pant trousers are awesome, especially when you find a pair that works with your sense of style and fits really well.

There’s something about a great pair of pants with the right accessories and top that just looks incredibly stylish.

They’re a classic, and while they might have a more professional and mature vibe, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it all depends on how you want to look for the occasion.

Here are 5 hot ways on how best to rock a pant trouser :-

1Select The Right Undergarment – This is the first rule in fashion and stylish women know the foundation of a great look is a good underwear.

Plan for the fabric and silhouette of your look with the right pant, and shape wear to provide the support you need. Also start by pulling out the outfit the night before to save you from running around in a panic the next day.

2. Add The Extras – Anchor your look with at least one expensive looking piece. Ever wonder how some women make a simple dress or a t-shirt look impossibly chic?

Adding an expensive-looking accessory gives it more polish statement, it might be a great leather belt, a special pair of earrings or a luxe bag and then choose whatever shoes you want.

Heels will dress up the lookSneakers also make everything more casual and dressed down, making the look is easy, effortless, and chic.

3. Match Colours Not Print – There is no fashion rule that says don’t mix prints. We believe that no prints can be married until colour comes into play, so when scanning your closets for graphics that could pair well together, think about how the colours complement each other.

Don’t feel like you have to stick with solid, neutral shades – trousers with some kind of print, like polka pots, are fun.

If you are not sure which colours go best together to achieve the visual balance you want from print-clashing, you need to rely on the colour palette to have a colour-coordinated look that will enhance your style.

A loud print on trousers is fun and colorful. Keep them from looking too preppy by wearing them with open toe shoes and a fitted button up.

 Speaking of color, don’t be afraid to play around with it!

4. Make Sure Your Pants Are Properly Tailored And Ironed – as simple as this tip may seem, it is easy for one to get carried away with fashion trends then end up wearing ill-fitting clothes.

Having a tailor fit your pants to your perfect size goes a long way of making your clothes look more expensive, neat and classy. Also never leave the house without ironing or steaming your clothes to have a sharp look.

Free yourself from inefficient styles of movement or pose and you’re your pants with confidence and self-carriage.

5. Stay True To Your Personal Style – only wear pants that fit your body shape. Wearing the wrong style of pants or wrong design can either make or break your outfits.

A cropped black tee and flat sandals keep loose trousers looking casual and versatile.

You don’t have to tuck every top into trousers, even if they’re loose fitting. This look is easy-breezy-cool and you can also wear them with a simple top, cool shoes, and a hat if you’d like.

There’s a lot of overlap in styles and the images below are general idea of the different cuts of pant trousers:

High-waist wide-leg trousers
Palazzo pants
Wide pajama pants
Sporty pants
Sweaty pants


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