Man Kills Lover With Cucumber During Sex

A man, Oliver Dietman has killed his lover, Rica Varna while using a cucumber as a sex toy during sex in Germany. Report says Dietman had put the vegetable in his lover Rica Varna’s mouth after using it to pleasure her and then went off for a cigarette, he said he didn’t realise she was unable to breathe, and when he came back she was unconscious. Dietman also claimed that the two of them often brought vegetables into the bedroom, including carrots and courgettes on occasion. He was arrested and charged to court for negligent homicide. Prosecutor Reinhard Hoffmann told the court he should have realised that she was at risk and should not have left her alone for so long. Doctors also told the court the vegetable had got wedged in her throat, blocking her air which led to her death. Dietman was given 20-month suspended sentence and also ordered to pay £6,000 as fine.

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