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Manners Cost Nothing Series: Example Of Bad Manners (Part II)

Over the last two months, a series was launched on manners and how it is important for an individual to respect him or herself in the society.

The series continues this month as it continues to emphasise the virtues of good manners and behaviour and its impact in a multicultural society like Nigeria.

It is important for every reader to understand the principles of respect, dignity, and integrity, and realise why they must exude such characteristics at all times.

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Listed below, therefore, are a list of things considered ill-mannered:


-Do not forcefully overtake another person’s position while in a queue-  Standing to close to someone while waiting in line at the market, bank, clothing store, etc. Give people some space


-Do not utter expletives/foul languages in public


-Don’t make noise while eating


-Don’t be a bully, especially on social media


-Avoid being late for an appointment


-Avoid the chronic use of cell phone at public functions- give those around you your full attention


-Do not belch after eating


-Don’t chew gum in public


-Do not pick your nose- it’s unhygienic


-Do not bite your nails- it puts a bad impression across


-Do not cough or yawn when surrounded by people without covering your mouth or turning away


-Do not spit in public


-Do not talk loudly on the phone so that everyone knows your personal business- Wait until you get home and have that conversation


-Avoid littering a place/throwing out trash from a vehicle


To be continued…


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