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Manners Cost Nothing Series: Example of Bad Manners

It is often said that manners cost us nothing. Yet, it earns us respect whenever we observe them. The exhibition of manners by an individual usually depicts whether such person is from a well-trained home or not.

However, with the impact of civilization rapidly expanding towards every part of the world, people no longer- or it seems they have forgotten- how to observe simple manners. The neglect of this important virtue is, unfortunately, creating a negative impact in our society.

To therefore help people observe good manners, we have listed below, a list of things considered ill-mannered:

Don’t point – it’s rude

Don’t smoke or eat in the street – it looks ‘common’

Don’t talk with your mouth full – disgustingly, you may spit some of it out!

Don’t shout when speaking to people – Keep your voice down. 

Don’t interrupt – it’s selfish and ill-mannered. 

Don’t swear – it impresses nobody (it’s the language of low lives and those with a limited vocabulary). 

Don’t slam the door at the face of the person who opened/held the door open for you. 

Don’t talk behind other’s backs. 

Do not sneeze in public without covering your nose or turning away . 

Don’t be rude to elderly people, no matter the circumstance- it doesn’t portray good home training. 

Don’t ask rude questions that are none of your business.

Do not forget to say “please” when making a request and “thank you” when someone does something nice for you. 

To be continued…

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