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‘My Best Friend Is About To Marry A Retired Prostitute’

Hello love and life,

I got your mail from a friend. Please there’s this matter I have and I can’t sleep because of it.

My best friend whom I grew up with is about to get married. In fact if not for this lockdown, he would have married.

We lost contact about a year ago when I went for a professional degree in India. I lost my phone one day and that was it so we got talking some months ago.

We catch up on old times and he told me he had met a woman of his dreams and would marry soon. After he showed me the lady’s picture, she looked familiar.

I later remembered I had seen her with a former colleague of mine at a party. When I sent him her photo, he immediately mentioned her name and told me they met at a beach in Lagos that she is a prostitute and had serviced some of our friends after he recommended her to them.

I was shocked. Please what can I do? This my friend does not deserve to marry a bad woman. We don’t even know if the lady has changed or still runs her business.

I’m tempted to let my friend know before it’s too late.

Hello Anonymous Writer,

It is great to know that you are genuinely concerned about your best friend’s upcoming marriage, particularly the personality of his bride-to-be. You have acted as a caring individual, and I commend you for your act.

Now, the very best you can do is raising an immediate alarm to the groom-to-be by providing him with the details about his lady as given to you by your former colleague. However, you must be very sensitive when conveying this information so that your action will not be viewed as ruining his happy moment.

The ex-sex worker has warmed her way into the heart of your friend. Your decision to inform him will be deemed by some persons, especially the lady involved, as “pouring sand sand” in their blossoming relationship. But you must do what is right. I suggest that despite the unprecedented times that we are in now, you should set a physical meeting with your friend, with social distancing principles in place.

Your decision to courageously inform your friend of this heartwrenching information may just help save what could turn out to be a disastrous marriage.



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