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My Close Friend Dated My Girlfriend, Should I Be Worried?

Hello, Love and Life, there is this lady who am in a serious relationship with. I love her very much because she has everything I desire in a woman.

She is loving, caring, very hardworking and supports me even financially when I am short of cash.

But just recent, a close friend of mine who I met after a long time, revealed some disturbing stuff about my girlfriend. He said they dated in the past and that the relationship ended because they lost contact.

Though my friend is into another relationship, but any time he comes to visit and my girlfriend is around, I’m always uncomfortable. Please what should I do because it is stressing me out.

Hello Anonymous Writer,

Well, your situation is not quite an unconventional one. There have been quite a number of cases of friends hooking up the ex’s of their own friends. So, there is nothing really untoward there.

The most important thing is the mutual respect and relationship between the new partners/couple and if the said ex would not be a disruptive force.

I don’t think you should be afraid; your girlfriend remains your girl except she says otherwise. After all, you said he has moved on and he is in another relationship.

To subside your fears, what I will advise you to do is to call your girlfriend and discuss the issue with her. Let her know that you the details of her previous relationship, explain your true worries to her in a mild manner.

Do not be shocked by her reaction when she cries and laments that you do not trust her, but she will dispel any thought of yours about her reinforcing her relationship with her ex. Then, ensure you get a commitment from her that no such comeback will happen.

Gradually, you would begin to ease your fears and trust her more. Do not be irrational, give your girlfriend and your relationship a chance.



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