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My Daughter Looks Like The Man My Wife Cheated On Me With – Should I Take A Paternity Test?

Hi, Love and Life, I suspect that my eldest daughter is not my biological child. She looks like the man my wife was having an affair with when she was caught cheating.

Since I noticed this, I have not been myself. Though she is 25 years, but I am always tempted to go for a paternity test.

Confronting my wife would look like opening old wounds because I had forgiven her for what she did in the past. What should I do?


Hello Anonymous Writer,

First of all, accept my considerations over the infidelity exhibited by your wife. Understandably, the event still plays fresh in your memory and you are still unhappy over what she has done.

With regards to your concern, 25 years is quite a long period to have ascertained the paternity of the lady in question. Why I may understood your indifference because of the facial features, it’s not really all individuals that take after their fathers. Some have features of their mothers or even their grandparents.

However, if you still have reservations over your paternity of the lady in question, kindly sit down with your wife and air your concerns to her. Reassure her that you are not angry with her anymore over the incident and that you want her to tell you the truth.

If you are not satisfied, then you can demand for a paternity test, but this should be done in the mildest way possible. Inform your wife and the girl about your request and assure them that you are not going to do anything untoward towards them regardless of the test. Explain to them that you are doing it for posterity sake, and not in any way to drive out anyone.

It would not be easy convincing them about your intentions, but you just have to be compassionate when doing this to get their trust. After all, it is only proper that they would develop fear and securities issues over their future.



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