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‘My Fiancee Of Three Years Uses Napkin As Sanitary Towel’

Counselor, whatever your advice is, I’m contemplating leaving my three-year-old courtship for a reason you would agree with me on.

My wife-to-be, who is from one of the South-West states, recently left her parents’ house because of the distance to her place of work.

Moreover, she and i thought she could afford it, as she recently got a significant pay raise, following the conclusion of her Masters degree programme, upon which she was promoted in her office.

Also, we thought it was necessary for privacy, because we’ve been spending alot to time together these days. Our wedding is supposed to come up in nine months’ time.

I got the shocker of my life two weeks ago. I’d visited my fiancee at home. She was busy in the kitchen, so I decided to slip into her room to check some deliveries she had received for our wedding.

To my surprise, I saw a piece of baby napkin, wrapped inside a black nylon. When I tried to unwrap it, it has blood all over it.

I confronted my woman and she said her grandmother told her it is better than using pad.

I feel this has some spiritual inclination. I’m planning to ditch the relationship because I don’t know what this could mean.


Hello Anonymous Writer,

Well, I understand why you are a bit afraid but I do not think that this has any spiritual inclination. This is most likely a situation of old ways favoured over new methods.

The reason for my submission is that before the advent of today’s factory-manufactured pads, women of the old era used thicker clothes such as napkins as their pad. Some middle-aged women who have been able to crisscross into this era will still prefer the napkins, saying that it holds more content for a longer time and it’s not as soft as pads, which might inconvenience and force them to change frequently every few hours.

More so, it’s your fiancee’s grandmother – who is probably in her 70s or 80s- who gave her the advice, a credence to my earlier point. So, there is nothing diabolical about your woman’s action. Your thoughts are just a myth.

My only advice is that you inform your fiancee to quickly dispose off such items rather than keep it in the house for long. This will help prevent any further argument(s).


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