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‘My Fiance’s Father Was My Sugar Daddy In University’

Dear counselor,

I never believed the popular saying that ‘people are like water’, they will surely meet someday.

I lost my parents early in life, so survival was really difficult. I got to the university by sweat and hard labour. However, staying there became what I could not cope with financially.

A close friend in school invited me to her sister’s wedding in Enugu, where I schooled. There I met a fairly elderly man in his early 60s.

He took interest in me and I had to use him to survive on campus.

I graduated three years ago and met my fiance during the service year in Delta State.

We decided to settle down, and since we both work and live in Lagos, he suggested we meet his parents first to tell them about it.

Lo and behold, my father-in-law to-be was the sugar daddy I used to survive in Nsukka. I was shocked and felt like the ground should just swallow me up.

I can’t tell my fiance about it because if I have to, I will also need to tell him we had sex together many times.

What do I do, please?


Hello Anonymous Writer,

I must confess, this is a very intriguing and complex situation. You never planned for this situation to happen, so I understand the confusion and weirdness that’s constituting your thought process at the moment.

However, what ever has happened in the past has happened, and you must, therefore, accept responsibility for both successes and failures and move on with life. To help your forthcoming marriage start off on a good note, you must inform your fiancee of your sexual escapades with his father. Yes, he might question you for being a supposed gold digger who’s coming for his wealth, but it is now left to you to prove that you truly love him and want to start a family with him rather than just seeking riches.

The importance of you personally telling him this can neither be underestimated nor overestimated. This is because his reaction would be very different should he get to learn about this situation from a third party, especially from his father. Also, his father may be trying to convince him to change him to change his mind not to get married to you, and you never can tell how the scenario might be painted to your husband-to-be by his dad.

So, you have to fight for your man, and you must do this in an intelligent, subtle and non-harmful way in order not to jeopardise your opportunity. Show your fiancee that you truly love him and that you are committed to being his wife forever.



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