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‘My Girlfriend Denied Me In Public But Now Pleading For Mercy’

My Husband Stopped Having Sex With Me Because I SquirtHello Love and Life,

Me and my girlfriend planned going to the village last Christmas so she could meet my whole family. We were supposed to leave on 22nd. She fell ill on 21st. I postponed until 24th but she didn’t get better.

I noticed she was insisting I go and leave her behind. I later cancelled the trip since I actually planned going to the village because of her.

On Boxing Day, my friend in the area invited me to party at the beach with his other friends. So I went with him. On getting there, I saw the shock of my life.

My wife-to-be, who claimed to be sick, was at the same party with another man. I was shocked. When I walked up to her, she denied knowing me. I just walked away not to create a scene.

From my findings, the man she was with is her ex-boyfriend who came home from Malaysia for Christmas.

Now, she sent me a message pleading for forgiveness. I’ve come a long way with this woman, please what can I do?


Hello Anonymous Writer,

Well, your story has all the bearings of a tragicomedy-esque movie. Your girlfriend’s action may seem puzzling but apparently not shocking. Not alarming because the Christmas season is a period when Nigerians in diaspora return home, and are the centre of attraction whilst in town.

In my estimation, your girlfriend probably thought she could have her cake and eat it by getting some prized foreign currency and see if she and her ex-boyfriend could work things out in the hope of following him to Malaysia.

But she also had a plan B: to run back into your “forgiving” arms should her plan fail – and she has activated the latter plan.

Now, I understand you have been with this lady for a while, but anyone who claims to be your girlfriend and denies you in public is not worthy to be your woman.

My candid advice is that you immediately severe all romantic ties with her and do not be deceived by her pleas to get her back into your heart. You may likely experience a heartbreak later -which you would sincerely hate yourself for – if you allow her get back as your wife-to-be.

Think wisely. This is not the time to be faint-hearted because of love.

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