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‘My Girlfriend Is A Terrible Woman But I Can’t Leave Her’


I’m dating a terrible woman but I can’t leave her because she is beautiful, intelligent and good. The main problem is that she nags and she is a fighter.
She has fought me on different occasions in the streets, tore my cloths and pour me water, she enjoys public drama.
She comes back to beg me and I find myself letting her in.
This is our 4th year now and we are still doing drama, she has had six miscarriages because of her violent attitude.
I finally broke up with her and we separated for three months now.
However, recently, I was having a misunderstanding with some women and before I could say jack, one of the women slapped me.
Coincidentally my ex-girlfriend was passing by, I did not know where she came out from and landed the woman that slapped me a slap and started beating her.
I had to hold her and after the fight she just entered her car and left. This her single act turned me on. I think I will marry her, sound crazy but I need advice. She is protective, she fought for me.




Hmmm…. Well, this is quite a complicated, toxic situation. In as much as your ex-girlfriend fought publicly for you (which is fine), the question that you must ask yourself is: do you still really love her?
It is not enough for one to show affection or defend you publicly. The two parties in a relationship must be in sync as to whether they are both compatible to go for the long term, which is marriage.
You mentioned that your four-year relationship with your ex was more of an abusive relationship. So, are you now ready to condone her excesses and stay with her forever.
Remember, marriage is a life-long institution; it is for better, for worse. There is NO WITHDRAWAL option.
So, you have to think carefully before you make a final decision. Weigh all the pros and cons before you decide whether your ex should be back in life or it’s time for you to finally leave her and move on.



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