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‘My Girlfriend’s Nieces, Nephews Taking Her Away From Me’

Hello Love and Life, I am in a relationship with a lovely lady and we have been together for four years.

But the problem is that my partner loves her nephews and nieces and her family are taking advantage.

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Her brother and sister have five children between them aged from six to 11. When they need someone to mind them in the evenings and at weekends, they let the kids decide who.

Their first choice is always my partner and she always says yes. I don’t go because I’m just not into kids.

She is 27, I am 28 and we are not getting younger, please I need advice.

Hello Anonymous Writer,

I understand that you seek the attention of your girlfriend, which is not unusual. But despite the number of years of your relationship, remember that you both are not married. That’s the most important thing to note. Therefore, she cannot be by your side or domiciled in your home all the time.

It’s important that you understand this and respect her decision and privacy so that you both do not encounter problems in your relationship ahead.

But if you feel her attention is extremely disturbing your relationship (although I doubt it), my advice is that you call her and discuss the issue in a calm manner. Explain to her that she will need to balance her attention span devoted to both the kiddies’ duties and you. But do not string any conditions whatsoever or threaten her to abandon taking care of the kids.


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