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‘My Husband Has Refused To Ejaculate Inside Me’

Hello Love and Life,

My name is Mabel. My husband does not release inside me when we have sex. This matter has been giving me sleepless nights. I do not know what to think.

The last time we had this discussion, he said he is not ready to have kids. I was devastated as we had an agreement to wait two years after marriage before raising kids. This is our fifth year and my husband refuses to ejaculate inside me. He just withdraws when he is getting there.

I’m so worried. I’ll be 32 in December. I want my own babies. We just keep having sex for fun. And it feels bad that he is not bothered.

I’m disturbed.


Hello Mabel,

Wow, this is quite a case and a sensitive one for that. You stated that you and your husband agreed not to have kids for two years and he now seems to have exceeded the agreed timeframe. 

My first question to you is that when was the agreement made: before or after the wedding? And did you tell your husband about your reservations when he proposed the time gap? Also, the last time you both had the conversation (it would’ve helped if you had stated the time), did he state that he was not ready to nurture kids or he still sees you as his “playgirl” with whom he can do anything instead of his wife?

My advice to you is that you should bring up this topic with him again. Gently remind him that you are getting older and that the chances of you bearing children for him before your menopause is gradually reducing. Tell him that you want to feel like a grown-up woman who takes delight in her husband’s sex action on the bed and wants to complement it with having your own flesh and blood emerging from such act.

Appeal to his conscience in a calm and dignified manner. However, if he still insists not to ejaculate inside you and says he is not ready for marriage, then I will advise that you involve your parents and, more importantly, your in-laws to resolve the dilemma. If he does not want to tell you why he does not want to expand his family, maybe he can tell the elderly ones of his reason.



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