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‘My Husband Loves Business More Than He Loves Me’

Hello love and life,

I will like to remain anonymous. My marriage is just three years old and my husband has started giving me reasons to quit.

When we married, he was a low-income earner with a factory in Lagos. I was the one supporting the family because I trusted his trials won’t last for long.

One year after our wedding, he got introduced to a business by his childhood friend. The business boomed in no time and we were able to live better from his profit. Now the problem is that my husband has stopped spending quality time at home with me.

We are yet to have a child and he is not helping matters. He doesn’t even see sex as important anymore. All he does is calculate business moves and call business associates all day. Sometimes, he barely even says a word to me.
All he has in his head is money and business. To worsen it, every time I try to initiate intimacy, he turns me down and says his mind is far away.

I don’t know what to do anymore. Before he got this his business, he was loving and spent time with me. This issue is making me consider quitting because I can’t have a baby if we don’t have sex regularly or even spend time together.


Hello Anonymous Writer,

From your narration, it is quite understandable why you are upset with your husband – and you have every right to feel so. Your husband will also insist that he is working hard in order to provide for the family.

However, I do not think that your husband or any other man should ignore the intimate needs of his wife just because he is hustling hard to cater to the family. Intimacy is the soul of every marriage and once such cosy familiarity is missing, such marriage is likely to become non-existent.

Since your husband is proving stubborn even after your previous conversations with him, the only option available to get back his attention is to play a prank on him.

On a particular day, enlist the services of at least two close friends, who will inform your husband that you are in some sort of serious danger at home. You should know what kind of perceived trouble that will force your husband to rush home.

When your husband then gets home, your friends should usher him to your room and immediately leave after locking the door. Then when he gets close to you on the bed, you should take charge of affairs and do the rest.

After you have capitulated him emotionally and the business that’s always done in “the other room” is completed, make an impassioned plea to him. Impress on him that you are a woman who has feelings and want such beautiful moments to continue on a consistent basis and, more importantly, lead to you getting pregnant and having a child as age is no longer on your side.

It is an expensive joke that your monsieur will initially be angry about. However, if you play your cards well by following the advice I have suggested, then you will be on the way to gradually “recover” your husband back.



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