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‘My Husband Never Does Oral Sex, He Only Fingers Me’

Hello love and life,

Since I married my husband for seven years, he has never given me head.
Before he use to manage to finger me a little bit as soon as he got his chieftaincy title he stopped, he even said it’s an abomination for him to put his tongue in my private part except the gods will strike him dead.

I really want this head, I have heard people talk about it, watched it in movies and I read books but I have never experienced it in my life.

I don’t want to cheat or get it outside, I want it from my husband. I don’t even get to orgasm, never gotten to orgasm but the books I have been reading is telling me that of my husband gives me head that I must cum and get to orgasm. I want to experience it with my husband, I have talked, pleaded cried but he refused.
He said he can’t do it, he can’t go down on any woman it’s an abomination for him.

How do I get him to do this please? I need solutions as I don’t want to cheat on my husband.


Hello Anonymous Writer,

I must say your fantasy or infatuation for oral sex is quite hilarious. Yes, you may reach that “vibration mode” once it is being served to you by your husband but after a minute or so, your adrenalin returns back to normal and the excitement ends.

Now, concerning your husband’s decision not to “give you head”, I am sure you’d have heard several times during your seven years as a married woman that marriage is about compatibility, self-sacrifice and compromising. Therefore, it means that you cannot get everything you desire in marriage; you would have to forgo some decisions for the success of the marriage, same as expected by your partner.

Since you were present when your husband was installed with his chieftaincy title & heard the conditions attached to it, then you just have to respect his choice for the sake of your marriage. There are a lot of tribes which harbour against oral sex and if his tribe is one of them, then you did not complete your due diligence during your courtship with him to find out the do’s and dont’s of his culture.

Also, the refusal of your husband to perform oral sex with you does not give you the licence to be cheating on him. It has not reached that stage yet for infidelity to suddenly pop up. Not at all!

Please, I will advise that you better allow peace reign in your home so that you don’t become either a divorcee or a widow at your young age. And stop reading those books giving you those fantasy tales about oral sex or else your cravings for it will lead you to commit actions you would later regret.


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