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‘My Husband Spends Money Lavishly But Can’t Give Me Good Money For Feeding’

Hello Love and Life,

Good day.

My marriage has not been a rosy one at all. I married this man two years ago and I have serious problems with the way he lives his life.

He is the kind of man to invite all his friends over for the weekend and host them to a lavish lunch. He makes me cook different meals and purchases different alcohol brands for his friends.

After all this, whenever I ask for money for the family’s feeding, he gets angry. He laments that he does not have money and I should manage whatever he gives me.

I have cried and cried because I don’t understand why he spends all his money trying to please others while we suffer in the house.

Please what can I do? I’m even afraid to confront him again, the last time I did, it was not funny.


Hello Anonymous Writer,

Well, going by your narration, you are really experiencing an appaling situation. It is quite weird that your husband will host his friends to a lavish party but will not decide to cater to his own wife’s nutritional needs.

But again, you did not state the outcomes of your previous conversations with your husband on the matter. I will like to know if he made a complaint about a particular thing that is making him behave in this manner.

Also, you did not state if your husband regularly eats your own cooked meal. That, for all intents and purposes, largely determines your husband’s disposition to providing funds for the house upkeep.

Since you said he did not pleasantly listen to you the last time you brought the topic up, I will advise that you talk to any of his siblings, particularly the ones that he is close to. Explain to the person(s) how your husband sumptuously entertains his friends but barely attends to the home’s needs. If there are any other issues related to this, provide the details to the person for context.

The person(s), I believe, would be able to decipher from him the problem he likely has with you and then help institute a resolution. This should, then, lead to a conversation between you and your husband and settle any discrepancies that are in existence.



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