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‘My Husband Tortures Me In Bed, Bruises My Vagina’

Hello Love and Life,
I’d prefer to be anonymous.
I’m 25 years old and married my husband a year ago. I met him at a singles conference organized by my friend’s church while I was serving in Osun State.
He told me he had been invited from Lagos by the pastor’s wife. I was excited since it meant we wouldn’t have to deal with distance as I also lived in Lagos.
We got married some months after my service. Let me say here that as Christians, we never had sex until our wedding night.
Frankly, I think the wait was not worth it. My husband’s penis is huge and he never penetrates gently. He does it with so much force, he bruises my privates.
I’ve talked to him about this but he insists he loves it rough. To worsen it, he does not do enough foreplay, he penetrates while I’m not so moist. I’ve been enduring this for months now. I don’t enjoy sex with my husband at all. It’s torture in bed with him.
I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

Hello Anonymous Writer,

Well, I would acknowledge that this is quite a challenging situation for you. In all honesty, the size of your husband’s penis should not necessarily be a problem; rather the problem arises from the performance of the sexual activity between you both.
Although you have stated that you’ve voiced your concern to your husband before and he failed to listen, you must now couch your message in a mild but powerful way, telling him that you do not enjoy your sexual encounter with him. Once you do that poignantly, he would be forced to take a step back and inquire much more about your observation.
Alternatively, you should also endeavour to take control of your sexual encounter with your husband. Employ several erotic moves, which would force and subject him to participate in a foreplay. Insist on engaging in such foreplay if he demands that you get straight into the action. By the time you successfully take charge, enjoying sex would not be difficult for you again as you have been steamed up well enough for the ultimate game.



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