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‘My Husband’s Love For Big Bums Is Threatening Our Marriage’

Love and life: sex, relationships and real life issuesHello love and life, my name is Efe. I married my husband after NYSC in 2009. We were both in the same camp so I knew him to be a womanizer.

I was shocked when he became serious with me after we met at the corpers’ fellowship. I was excited and felt I was something special to him.

To be fair to him, he has been a good man in our marriage but we went shopping recently and I caught him staring at another woman’s behind. I was furious, I just tried not to cause a scene because he made it too obvious, I’m sure the lady noticed.

On our way back from church last week, I caught him staring at another woman’s behind. This time he had to look in the mirror as we passed by. I challenged him and he told me to leave him that so far he was only looking, there shouldn’t be a problem.

My biggest fear came during the week when I caught him looking at our neighbour’s wife from our bedroom window. She was wearing a skimpy skirt, which made her behind more visible.

I could not hold myself that day when I discovered his penis was erect in his boxers. We had a physical fight that day and I made sure I bit him.
Please, this is attitude is annoying and at the same time scary. What can I do?


Dear Efe,

Well, I do not deprive you of the need to be furious over your husband’s conduct although some persons may find this situation hilarious. Although we all like to have a certain degree of control over our affairs, truth be told: a woman cannot really restrain the facial communication and expression of a man. Every man, either married or unmarried, has the unrestrained right to view everything in their surroundings. However, it takes maturity for a married man to know that he has to restrain himself when viewing his environment, especially in the company of his wife.

As you have already mentioned, your husband is a womanizer, so you should not be surprised by his action. But there was absolutely no need to have engaged him in a physical combat. The resolution of this dilemma requires a heart-to-heart conversation with your man.

Ask him mildly if he is not comfortable with your body features and let him signify which part of your body he’s unsatisfied with. Let him know that you are all for him and he is all for you and you do not want attention diverted. Suggest to your husband a plastic surgery if he wants your buttocks to be expanded. If he does not accept surgery, there are supplements that can also be used to achieve the aim of expanding your buttocks. May be you also wear clothes that turn him on in order for you to get his unsolicited attention.

Hopefully, one of these steps will help bring your husband back to your side and make him drooling for you every single second.

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