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‘My In-laws Threatening To Throw Me Out Due To No Male Child’

single-imageHello Love and Life,

I’m in a very confused state right now. My in-laws are threatening to throw me out of the house after four girls.

My husband is from one of the popular clan in Imo State, and he is next to sit on the throne as head of other clans in the state.

My mother-in-law especially has warned that this is my last chance. She said my husband needs an heir to succeed him on the throne.

I’m even afraid to get pregnant. I have fear that it could be a girl again. What do I do?


Hello Anonymous Writer,

Let me first of all, sympathize with you over your current predicament. It is indeed disturbing that married women are still harassed by their in-laws because of the gender of their children. Women literally have no role to play in determining the sex of their children, as such can only be determined by science and God.

Therefore, your mother-in-law’s aggressive attack for you is uncalled for as she is not meant to even interfere in your marriage.

On what to do, you do not need to be afraid to get pregnant again as you can do little or nothing here. Your husband holds the ace in two important areas, and it beholds on him to do both of them in order to resolve the situation.

First thing has to do with the combination of science and human ability during sex. A woman always has the XX chromosome and is, therefore, dependent on that. However, a man has the XY chromosome, but it depends on which of them he produces during sex. If he produces the X sperm, then it is highly likely that the product of that union will be a girl. On the other hand, if the man produces the Y sperm, then the probability of having a male child is over 90 per cent. It seems that your husband produced the X chromosome consistently during the period that led to the birth of your four daughters. So, it is, therefore, left for him to produce the much-needed chromosome so that you both can have a male child. I will recommend that you both visit a fertility doctor, who can prescribe some steps and possibly medications that could help you in your cause.

The second way your husband holds the ace here is in terms of defence. You have to express your fears to your hubby regarding the threats you have received from his mother and urge him to protect and shield you from further attacks. Encourage him to safeguard your marriage by preventing further interference from family members, knowing that you lack the power to determine the sex of any child. Once he is able to do that, you should able to get that degree of freedom needed to breathe comfortably and attempt to get the desired male child.

So, I advise that you have another attempt for a male child and try to shy away from the negativity of your in-laws.




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