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‘My Jobless Husband Sleeps, Watches Football All Day’

Hello Love and Life, I married my husband three years ago. We have a beautiful daughter. Since my husband lost his job about two years ago, he has refused to do anything meaningful with himself. We rely on my income.

I once touted the idea of opening a business centre for him just to have something to do.

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He refused. I started a small online business for him, he ran it aground with his laziness. All he does is sleep, eat and watch football.

I don’t know what to do. His constant joblessness, which is by his own doing, has become an embarrassment for me. Our neighbours know he’s always at home. I’m really fed up, I cater for the family all alone. Please what can I do?



Hello Anonymous Writer,

I empthaise with you over your current predicament. It’s not easy for a single parent, especially a female, to cater for a family of three when our country’s economic situation is taken into consideration. So, I salute your courage and say; well done, ma’am.

It is also understandable that you’re frustrated with your husband over his lackadaisical attitude to get a sustainable means of income. Indeed, you sharp rebuke of him was justified, especially as you have even initially helped by floating a business for him which he ran underground.

As regards what you should do, the best option is still to pressurise and persuade your husband to search for a job. Let him know that the proceeds from your work or business will not always be sustainable for the family. You also have to incorporate your in-laws and your parents in the persuasion plan. Urge them to persuade your husband to get a job or start a business to live up to his responsibilities. If your husband’s family and yours have to apply maximum pressure, encourage them to do so.

Also enlist the assistance of your husband’s serious minder friends to convince him to do the right thing. Over two years of joblessness, of no income provision is enough. If he feels he cannot get his dream job, then he engage himself in a small-scale business, which would gradually metamorphosed into something decent.

I believe such pressure tactics would force your husband to eventually yield and find an engagement or commence a business for the sake and prosperity of the family.


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