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‘My Model Wife Prioritises Body Shape Over Bearing Children’ 

Dear Counselor,

This is the first time I’ll ever seek advice over my marriage.

Right at the onset of our marriage four years ago, my wife and I agree to have our children immediately, so she can rest and concentrate on her modelling career.

But this is four years after we got wedded, and she is insisting on getting pregnant at her own time, so as to save her career.

We have had many serious arguments over this, because family members are already asking if everything is well with us.

My friends who got married after ours, already have children.

I’m thinking of divorcing her. It appears I can’t control her. Please I need your guidance. Thank you.

Hello Anonymous Writer,

It is understandable that you are experiencing emotional distress as a result of this and, therefore, want to take certain actions. However, I will advise that you do not take drastic actions that you may regret later.

Now, if, as you said, both of you had a prior agreement to have your kids early, then I wonder why she is reneging. But an important question here is- did you secure a written pre-nuptial agreement documented to state all this? I doubt so, hence the lamentation from you.

I will advise that you have this conversation with her again in a calm manner. You need to let her know that she cannot prioritise her modelling career over her family. Yes, she will gain some economic gains from her work but to what end? Impress on her that time is fading away for both of you, especially her as she will hit menopause in no time.

I would have advised that you threaten with infidelity, but her response may not be well thought of. She could either respond well or blackmail you with it and say she’s done with the marriage. So, I’d she does not respond to you clamour, report to her parents (emphasis: her parents) only. I am sure they would be able to talk some sense into her head.




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