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‘My Pastor Cursed Me For Not Giving Him Half Of My Salary’

Hello Love and Life.

My name is Obinna, I was jobless for three years until I ran to a church which I will not mention the name, they asked me to fast and pray which I did. They asked me to write my dream job and company, which I did.

Note that I have been writing exams and sending my CV to the company but no response so after I went to the church, two months later I got a good offer in that company.

My pastor made me promise to give him half of my salary every month which I agreed out of excitement,and then I had no responsibility

I kept my pledge, for one year and three months until I got married and my wife got pregnant and responsibilities are staring at my face.

So I didn’t give him the money for four months he started swearing for me.

Every day he will call me and be swearing that if I don’t give him his money that I will lose my job and suffer for the rest of my life.

I really want to give him the money but my responsibility is too much. I have even pleaded with him to reduce it but he said it must be half my salary as he knows how much I earn.

Do I call his bluff and move on? Will his curses work?


Hello Obinna,

A promise to give funds to a church should be a personal agreement between you and God and not any pastor. Yes, the pastor may be seen to be a servant of God but such a person cannot in any way dictate the terms of life for you. What is happening is an unfortunate situation because your pastor is currently holding you hostage.

You might have gotten your dream job while attending the unnamed pastor’s church, but that does not mean that he is solely responsible for your success. Your monthly contribution is a donation to God which channelled to an individual and not a gift for a single human being. Only you and your God know the scale of responsibilities that you have to take care of during this period.

So, commune with your God in prayer and tell him of your challenges regarding your promised pledges and also state how much you would be able to remit monthly. After you have done that meditatively and with all sincerity, be rest assured that the Almighty has heard your cry and has accepted it. If your pastor likes, he should scream to the high levels with all the expletives in the world, nothing will happen. 

So, forget the threat of curses as brandished by your pastor. Just live your life to the best but remember to truthfully give to God.



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