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‘My Pastor Insists We Shouldn’t Travel For Christmas’

Hello Love and Life,

Counsellor, this is arguably most difficult decision I have to make.

My parents-in-law have been pressing that my family and I travel to the East for Christmas this year.

We have not seen them in four years, especially, my mother-in-law, who has been yearning to see our two-year-old daughter.

So I promised them that we would be coming on December 22, after agreeing with my wife.

However, I called my pastor to inform him of our decision to travel.

To my surprise, he called me the morning of the following day, telling me that there is danger ahead.

He explained that we will reach our destination, but that our return is not guaranteed.

Look, I’m seriously confused. What do I do, please.


Hello Anonymous Writer,

Just as you said, this is quite a complex situation for anyone to dispassionately analyse and make a choice,
However, the popular proverb says that a child can sit on a tree but can still not see what the elders have envisaged ahead. In this case, your pastor, who is anointed and is said to be the human representative of the Almighty here on earth, may have probably had the grace to forecast into the future and has seen something unpalatable that mere mortal eyes cannot foresee ahead.

I am cautious, particularly at the pastor’s warning that your family’s return from the village is not certain. That’s a big worry because I am not sure your pastor wants to prevent you from travelling to the South-East for the yuletide celebration.

My advice will, therefore, be that you listen to the voice of the pastor and suspend any travel arrangement to the village. Call your parents-in-law and apologise for your family’s inability to make the trip home. You can always reschedule the trip at another time.

A word, they say, is enough for the wise.




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