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‘My Project Supervisor Says Sex Or I Wont Graduate’

I am a final year law student in one of Nigeria’s prestigious Universities in the Southwest.

My project supervisor, who also happens to be a lecturer who takes us one of our core courses, has been threatening to frustrate my coming to the institution if I refuse to go to bed with him.

He is such a strong person in my faculty and the institution, that I dont know who to report him to.

I’ve not gone beyond chapter one in my project work, while some of my classmates are already analyzing their findings.

I’m confused!



Hello Anonymous Writer,

Your encounter, unfortunately, is not the first to be publicised about the act of random sex-seeking lecturers in Nigerian universities, and it is unlikely to be the last in the present circumstances.

Regretabbly, you are been caught up right at the end of your studies, which is a very delicate period for you. Any action you take now could either validate or rubbish the five years you have spent studying law.

It is ironic that a person who is supposed to be a moral authority as a teacher of law is the one unilaterally abusing his power and circumventing the law in a negative way to his own personal interest.

My advice is that if you know any lecturer in your faculty who you has a high degree of morality and is a person you can trust, then report the shameless lecturer to him or her and show proof of all your conversations with your project supervisor. Such trusted lecturer should be able to take up the matter from there.

However, if you feel that you cannot find any trustworthy lecturer or that you are afraid to approach any of them, then I will advice that you plan with a very trusted friend of yours to expose the lecturer.

Assent to the lecturer’s demand for sex and ensure the venue choosen for the supposed escapade is an accessible venue. Then, you and your friend(s) should set up recording devices to record the activities that occur and ensure that the devices are well hidden. Such friend or friends could then bust into the room when the lecturer tries to force his way on you, and then you have your video evidence to submit to the school authorities.

It’s a risky alternative but it’s one which could help set you free forever and enable you complete tour project and graduate from school.

Again, I will reiterate: ensure you keep all records of all your conversations (text, calls, speech) with the lecturer intact and ensure you have at least two to three witnesses if you decide to choose the second option. This is because you would likely be tormented by the echo authorities that you are attempting to blackmail your lecturer.

The previous evidence and human witnesses will, therefore, help prove that your case is not a blackmail but a thread of well-documented harrasemment noted down.



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