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‘My Wife Gets Orgasms While Breastfeeding’

Hello Love and Life,

I’ve been married to my wife for seven years now but we just had a child some months ago.

I noticed that she gets an orgasm whenever she breastfeeds. Is this normal?

I’m really worried. She has since lost interest in having sex and when we do, she gets tired easily and shoves me off.

This has got me worried and I really do not know what to do. The matter is really private so I find it hard to discuss with anybody.

What can I do?


Hello Anonymous Writer,

Let me, first of all, congratulate you and your wife on the arrival of your baby. Surely, the birth will bring bundle of joy to your household.

Concerning your wife’s non-interest in sex, it is a natural phenomenon for a woman after the birth of a child. The mother tends to devote much attention to the child, especially as the child is in his or her developmental stages like your baby. I also do not think your wife is experiencing orgasms when breastfeeding your child as suggested. It’s just the heightened feeling or outburst experienced by your wife whenever the baby squeezes her breast to collect breast milk.

There’s nothing more to it, anxious bro. So, I will advise that you support your wife during this phase of motherhood in taking care of your baby. She will surely remain your wife and surrender back into your arms in “the other room” when the time is right. You can get all the orgasms you want to derive from her at that period.

But for now, your priority is your child.



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