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‘My Wife Has Been Exchanging Nude Pictures With Her Boss’

Life has no meaning to me right now. My wife of two years is a dog, a pig and any filthy thing you can think of. She looks like a heap of filth to me right now.

I was cleaning the sitting room one morning while she was cleaning the compound because it was her turn to do so this week among our other neighbours.

Her phone rang and it was her boss but it cut before I could take the phone to her.  Some minutes later, he sent her a whatsapp message. I saw the preview and saw it was an image. I don’t know what got into me and I picked up her phone. I guessed her password to be her date of birth which was correct.

Behold, I saw my wife’s boss’ erect penis in the picture he sent to her. I scrolled through the chat and found out my wife has also been sending him photos of her breasts, vagina and herself in the bath tub.
I was mad. I wanted to reply but I held myself.

When she came in, I gave her the beating of her life and instead of begging, she kept raining curses on me. This is a woman I married from our church. A church worker I thought was decent.

Anyways, after the beating, I made sure I put the pictures on our family group chat. Her people have been calling me but I won’t pick it! Their daughter is a whore and they should live with it.

Hello Anonymous Writer,

You are right to feel slighted by the actions of your wife and express your anger, but you should never have raised your hand against her. No man, no matter how offended he is, should ever beat a woman. Never!

And even though your wife was the guilty party, she (this is no justification) most likely verbally abused you because of your lack of manly composure in handling the issue.

Infidelity cannot be defended for any reason, but I think you have a duty to know why your wife went down that route. You need to uncover if she is unhappy with you over the way you work in the “other room”, about family finances and individual purchases, family committement, social perception etc.

And the only way you can really know is by having such a discussion with her, and it must be a civil one through which you can appeal to her emotions.

The deingration of your wife before your family members and in-laws was uncalled for. There was no need to wash your dirty linen in public when you could have resolved the issue with your wife quietly. It also seems that you will need their support right now in order to initiate that much-needed meeting. So, I will advice that you pick that calls of theirs now and talk things over.


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