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‘My Wife Slept With Another Man Because Of My Small Penis’

Good day counsellor,

My life has gone from bad to worse right before my own eyes.

I am no longer a man, financially, morally, sexually, you name it. My wife and I run an electronics shop in Lagos. She has more investment than me because she is from a rich home and her elder sister lives in London.

To be truthful, we have been having issues with our sex life. She complains that my manhood is too small for her. What took me by surprise is that prior to last year, she never told me anything. This just happened early this year. She just shoved me off one night and said she could not take my small manhood anymore. Unknown to me, she has been having sexual relations with the secretary of our market union. The shop assistant I brought from the village revealed this to me.

He said he had trailed her while she went to meet him in a hotel after shop. When I confronted my wife, she told me it is true. She boldly added that she had to seek sexual pleasure from a real man.

To add insult to injury, counsellor, she told me our only child belongs to a man that lived in our former house. I’m shattered right now.

As I speak, she has moved into the market secretary’s home with the child. I’m so broken right now. She has also moved her share of our business which is more than half.

Please what can I do with my life?


Hello anonymous writer,

I want to, first of all, commiserate with you over your sad experience. No man or woman should ever be shunted out of a marriage due to perceived sexual deficiency. The union of marriage is not just about sex.

While it is understandable that sex plays a crucial in sustaining a marital union, characteristics such as understanding, compassion and care are also key ingredients in maintaining a marriage.

Speaking on the romance segment of the marriage, I am afraid that the dice is not in your hands. Your wife has decided to utilise your deficiency to commit adultery and behave rascally. For starters, my advice to you is to demand a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of the child. Since you both are still legally married, you can instruct your lawyer to initiate proceedings that will ensure your wife submits the child for the test. If the test is conducted and it returns positive in your favour, then you still have one last card to play; which is for you to demand custody of the child. That may likely force her to negotiate with you, and you can then ask her to move back into your home and allow you both to mend fences.

However, in the likelihood that the DNA test proves your wife’s statement correct, you will need to plead with and urge her to give the marriage a second chance. Guarantee her (and make sure you fulfil this promise) that you will do everything to improve your sexual abilities, including getting enhancers to build up your penis to her desired level and other things to spice up activities in the other room.

Concerning the finance side, I would like to know if there was a binding agreement detailing the business shares of you and your wife. I want to believe that you made sure that there was a document specifying individual shares of the joint business. It would be surreal if such documentation was not done. You cannot say because it is a family business, then there is no need to put together a formal document to accentuate the business interests. So far another person other than you brings in money into a business, then you lay the lines immediately to avoid any crisis.

So, if such was not done, them I am sorry my dear friend – you have allowed your investment go down the drain. The only thing you can do in this instance is to plead with her. You cannot even sue her because no binding agreement was formulated, so you cannot legally accuse her of breaching any terms.



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