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‘My Wife’s Pastor Says God Only Approves Of Missionary Sex Style’

Hello love and life, my wife and I are having issues with our sex life. We got married two years ago and have suffered two miscarriages.

While I saw these incidents as nothing, my wife has been running from pillar to post, saying it’s the handwork of her stepmother.

Recently, a pastor told her she has been having miscarriages because we don’t have sex in the way God approves. She explained to be that he instructed that we stop doing styles such as doggy and others.

She has since refused to give me my preferred styles. She insists we go missionary, which is the most disgusting style in the world, at least in my opinion.

This matter has become serious as I no longer enjoy having sex with her. Please what can I do?

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Hello Anonymous Writer,
First of all, I think you need to put into consideration the trauma and grief your wife is bearing over her inability to bear a child. The miscarriages she has experienced is definitely shaping her narrative and thoughts around certain issues, including that of sex.
Having said that, I think you need to dissuade her mind that external influences such as her stepmother are responsible for her misfortunes. The miscarriages could most times be due to health neglects, poor sleeping positions and a host of other things. Sex positions after the lady conceiving also has an impact on the health of the child.
Therefore, you both need to sit down in a calm atmosphere and discuss your sex life in proper detail. There is no need for her to run to any pastor to give any false diagnosis, but it’s for you two to reach an amicable agreement about what is the best and most comfortable.
Be it doggy style, missionary style or whatsoever style, any lady can still conceive and then through proper planning and sex strategy during pregnancy, she will bear a child.
So, do not force your style on her. Also tell her not to insist her preferred style on you. You both have a proper discussion with yourselves to determine what suits you and will enhance the chance of a child finally crying in your home.


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