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‘My Wife’s Sudden Change Is Making Me Sad’

Hello Love and Life,

My wife has changed and I don’t like it. My name is Jide. My marriage is three-years-old. When we got married, my wife and I were inseparable. We would have our meals together from the same plate and gist till late night before going to bed together.

She was all I wanted. But recently she has changed. She barely waits for me before eating. By the time I get home, she has had dinner and already in bed. This has made me feel really unwanted and lonely.

I’ve talked to her just to find out if I offended her but she said no. Please what else can I do? I miss her company and she doesn’t seem to notice how much I cherish those little things. I don’t want our marriage to experience such problems now, it’s too early.


Hello Jide,

It is understandable that you may be unhappy and overwhelmed with the current situation of occurrences concerning your wife. However, what is required is for you approach the issue with a clear head.

It’s great that you have already tried to find out from your wife if you offended her. However, it seems that she may not provide such information as promptly as you desire. Although I feel if it’s only the meal aspect that you feel slighted about, it’s nothing so harmful if she decides to have her own meal before you reach home, especially if your arrival time is quite long. So, it’s possible that she is unhappy that you do not spend enough time with her again like before.

However, what I will advise you to do to win her heart back is to do some of those little things that enticed her during your courtship and the early periods of your marriage. Get her some pleasant gifts, try to take out for evening dates, picnics, movies and surprise outings. Also, try to spend much time with her when you return from work and especially during weekends when you would be home.

Be easy with the questioning during such occasions. Allow her to first get into the groove out the outing and then your questions can gradually build up to the answer you desperately seek. I am sure when you implement this advice, she will sooner or later yield and confide in you while she was acting in such a manner.
But remember the key thing needed here, Jide – PATIENCE



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