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Neymar Lands Brazil First Olympic Soccer Gold Medal

By Tony Nwanne

Barcelona frontman, Neymar delivered the first Olympic soccer gold medal for brazil, the host nation.

Neymar, with a kiss of the ball and an unforgettable kick, Brazil’s biggest soccer star gave the Olympic Brazil its biggest moment of the games.

Brazil won its first Olympic gold medal in soccer Saturday with a dramatic penalty kick by Neymar to defeat Germany, sending the nation into a frenzy.

Before the decisive shot, Neymar picked up the ball and kissed it before placing it on the penalty spot. He calmly sent the shot into the top corner and fell to his knees before being mobbed by his teammates.

“That’s it,” Neymar said. “We made history.”

It was a victory that was about more than soccer for a nation that desperately needed something to celebrate. The country had been battered by recession, political scandal, health scares over polluted water and the Zika virus and questions over whether it could pull off hosting the Olympics.

But all the troubles were forgotten when Neymar’s kick sailed into the net.

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