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‘Past Experiences Makes Me Feel My Girlfriend Is Cheating’

Hello Love & Life

I’ve been cheated on before. The last time it happened I’d been dating a girl for over a year when I found out that she had been seeing another guy from her work for months. It really affected me psychologically

Fortunately I was able to overcome the heartbreak and met somebody else. But my problem is that whenever we are not together I always have the feeling that she is cheating on him.

I am afraid this feelings could affect our relationship. How can I overcome my insecurities?

Hello Anonymous Writer,

Your current feelings are quite understandable and I would not fault you for it. However, you have to forge ahead with life and do not allow your past to dictate how you would live today.

It is important that you give your new girlfriend a degree of trust. I am not saying believe her every word, but at least let her know that she enjoys some form of confidence and acceptance from you. Trust is a very vital component in a relationship as without it, even the love supposedly professed by partners would quickly fade away.

So, I will advise that you give her a bit of your mind and be confident that she will remain faithful. Please, do not go around spying or behaving creepy around her. Whenever you notice any untoward action or behaviour, do not hesitate to call her attention and address her in a mild manner. Failure to do this would only inflame matters and might signal the end of the relationship. You just have to overcome your insecurities as you cannot be doubting every single lady that comes across your way. If you continue to do that, that means you are not ready to settle down and build a family.


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