Pay Attention To Your Children’s Mental Health, Sanwo-Olu Tells Parents


Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, wife of Lagos State Governor, has urged parents and guardians to pay serious attention to the welfare and mental health of their children and wards.

She made this known at a symposium on substance abuse organized by Freedom Foundation.

Mrs Sanwo-Olu said it was important for parents to give quality attention to issues around their children and sometimes go as far as intruding into their business to truly be abreast with them.

According to her, the admonition became imperative in view of the fact that it had been well-established that children without proper parental care and guidance most times end up being captives of drugs.

“As individual family units, we must focus on the home front, by paying due attention to the welfare and mental health of our children. The type of adults that children grow to become, has a lot to do with the level of decency of their upbringing.

“We must make it our business to sometimes intrude into their business, by knowing who their friends are, where they go, how they relax, what they drink and so on and so forth.

“By so doing, we will be their friend and earn their confidence. It is the way to go, to positively influence our children and reduce peer pressure on them. This will help remarkably, to evolve a decent youth population, for a sanitized society.”






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