PDP Regrets Negative Comments On Social Media

  By Ola Adeola The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Tuesday, says it regret fuelling toxic comments and debates through the social media. “We have noticed, with a growing sense of dismay, the level of toxicity that pervades the political space with respect to discussions on national issues,” the PDP said. “We accept responsibility and apologise for whatever role we have played in reaching this level of toxicity.” “Henceforth, we commit to focusing only on the issues and proffering cogent & competent solutions to the issues facing the nation.” The surprisingly conciliatory tone came in a series of tweets on its Twitter handle, @PdpNigeria between 9-10:00 a.m. Tuesday. “This toxicity, some of which finds expression in discussions across social media platforms, has reached the level where bridges are being burnt, personal relationships are being strained and an unnecessary tension fills what should ordinarily be patriotic and enlightening conversations on how to move the nation forward,” the party said.

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