Police Arrest Photographer For Hissing In Court


Salmat Zakariyya, a 27-year old photographer was on Thursday arrested by the policemen attached to a Sharia Court ll sitting at Magajin Gari, Kaduna, for hissing in the court.

Abdul Shu’aibu ordered Atayi Omakiche who is in charge of keeping order in the female section of the sharia court to arrest the defendant.

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“Hissing in court is a contemptuous act, it is also a disrespect to the court”, Shu’aibu said.

The defendant, Zakariya of Nariya Kabala West area, in an interview with the NAN, denied the act.

NAN also reports that the incident happened immediately the Judge, Muhammad Al-Misry was leaving the court room after he queried the defendant for coming late to court.

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Peter Adeyemi had dragged Zakariya to the court over non-payment of N16,660 five-month rent arrears owed and prayed the court to ask him to vacate his house located at Kabala west, Nariya Kaduna.


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